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Become a Trade Ideas Referral Partner

Do you have associates, followers, or a community of people you’d love to tell about Trade Ideas? Great! We’d love to make it easy and give you a little something to say thanks for spreading the word.


  • Free to join.
  • Earn commissions starting at 20%+ for each new client you send us that purchases a service or subscription.
  • Earn recurring revenue on subscription renewals.
  • Refer users with your special links and ads – perfect for placement on your websites, blogs, videos, social, more.
  • Log-in to your referral partner center and view your commission reports.


Enter your information in the form below (at least the required fields) and you will receive your referral partner login instructions via email. Contact us with any questions.


Commissions start at 20% (scale to 35% on volume) on the sale of any of our tools (e.g., The OddsMaker), subscription plans, or conferences credited from your site using browser cookies.

Your blog's traffic and referral information are available through on-demand reporting. We pay your commissions when a balance of $500 is reached – or when request payout.

Finally, it is our intention that customers will sign up from our website (or a page we design for you that is branded) in a process like any other new customer. Any other arrangement would have to be provided by you and may involve additional set-up fees or costs.

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  • Generate more leads
  • Convert more leads to commissions
  • Best practices for partners
  • Learn to demo Trade Ideas

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