Anchored VWAP Indicator

Together with the markup options, you will find the Anchored VWAP Indicator Icon on the top left-hand side of the Chart Window. To place it, click on the Anchor icon, then click on the candle you would like to anchor the indicator to. The AWVAP will be added to your chart and the price of the AVWAP as well as the Date and Time of the Anchor will be displayed in the Status Line.

The AVWAP can provide invaluable insights into the sentiment of the overall market or individual stock. It's a great combination of Price, Volume, and Time. When this market trifecta is measured together it allows us to objectively identify the emerging sentiment from that point. Because of its moving property, the AVWAP can be analyzed in the same way as traditional moving averages, by looking at its slope, its direction, and its distance from the price.