Software Layout

Trade Ideas offers two different layout options, one being free-floating layout items and the other being docked layout items. These layout options are not exclusive, they can be combined.

Free-floating layout items offer the greatest flexibility. They have the advantage of being easily combined with external charting and brokerage applications. You can arrange everything on your screen exactly the way you like it.

Docked layout items, on the other hand, make switching between layouts and browsing through different channels very smooth. All layout items are contained in a Dock, which makes moving entire layouts from one area of your screen to another very easy. Docks with their Top Tabs and slide-out Pins, help people with limited screen space to "pack in more". In addition to that, the docked layout functionality is more akin to other Windows programs and its use might therefore feel more familiar to new users of the software.

You can choose if you would like new layout items to always open in a Dock or free-floating.

To do so, go to the Toolbar, open the Tools Tab, select Options, and then Layouts.

If you would like all newly opened windows to automatically open in a Dock, check the option Open in Dock window.

If you leave this option unchecked, you will still have the ability to manually create Docks.