Web Version

As a Mac user or as a user of mobile devices, you have two options, you can either use our browser-based Web version or run our full-feature Windows desktop version on your device via a virtual machine like AWS/Windows 365 or software like Parallels/Bootcamp.

All our over 500 Alerts and Filters to create custom scans are available in the Web Version, and if you select the Premium Plan, you'll have access to our AI Holly's entry and exit signals.

There is no speed difference between the desktop and web versions, but the Web version is "slimmer". It doesn't have the Market Explorer, the Brokerage Plus module or external linking. Other differences are that you can only load 5 charts at a time. The Web version includes sound alerts with the exception of ticker call-outs. Certain color coding options and a few visual features like graphical indicators are also not supported in the browser-based version.

This video will guide you through the Web version:

To log into the Web Version, head here.

Running TI on a Virtual Machine:

Windows 365 or Amazon WorkSpaces are functioning as a "remote PC in the cloud running Windows". You connect to it via the internet and then you use it on your local device as if to was your local PC. You can install programs, run them and browse the web just like on any other PC. Everything displays on your screen and your keyboard and mouse are your controls. If you don't switch it off, this remote machine keeps running and also keeps connected to the internet no matter what happens to your local device.

Here are two videos that shows how you can use Trade Ideas in combination with Windows 365:

Here's a video that shows how you can use Trade Ideas in combination with an AWS: