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Trade Ideas for Windows has all the latest features, optimal performance, and access to Trade Ideas real-time data.

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Trade Ideas on the Web has most of the latest features found in the Trade Ideas for Windows Download. You get started fast with our real-time data because there's nothing to download or install. TI on the Web is compatible with most web browsers on most platforms including Mac and Linux.

Trade Ideas Pro AI stock scanner is a downloadable, MS Windows application version of our industry leading real-time stock scanner alerts software. It is specifically designed for the power user who demands more than the web based front end can offer. The Trade Ideas Pro AI stock scanner offers faster access to the array of statistic analysis servers in the Trade Ideas data center.

Download the latest production version of Trade Ideas Pro AI, Version 5.6.61

The current release works with both 32-bit and 64-bit
This includes some new features which may need additional testing and some improvements to their appearance.

System Requirements


Windows 10
32 bit system bus
1.5 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
4 Gigs of RAM


Windows 10
64 bit system bus
2.0 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
8 Gigs of RAM


Windows 10
64 bit system bus
2.5 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
16 Gigs of RAM

Changes in Version 5.6.61 (06/30/2023) since the release 5.6.36 (01/26/2023):

Various Right-click Duplicate options are missing when language is not set to English

  • We have removed the "Languages" option setting from the main menu.

Scrolling in the Business Summary Panel has been improved.

Real Time Stock Race - Fix issues when Goal is Based On Value

  • Fixed issue with Last Day Replay mode not working correctly (not displaying lanes) when Goal is not Time. Stopped appropriate auto start timers when stopping race by clicking Stop buttons or Gear or Configure menu items.
  • Added logic to prompt users to restart "Auto Start at Time" and "Auto Start Last Day Replay" timers when manually starting a live race or replay.
  • Stopped auto-start timers when race is interrupted by the user clicking start/stop buttons or config button/menu item. A new menu item "Restart Auto Run/Replay" was added to restart the auto-run timers.

Windows stop receiving data after a connection loss of several minutes. Fixed issue where after several minutes’ loss of internet connection, window stop updating.

Real Time Stock Race - Run from Market Explorer Strategy

  • Added "Launch Real-Time Stock Race" context menu item to the Market Explorer window that creates a symbol list and starts a race.
  • Modified creation of symbol list to contain 20 symbols.

Float data or other data scrambled in Single Stock Window. Added logic to adding/updating details table to stop and re-do displaying/updating of fields if symbol changes during the process.

Added a new tool to the Alert and Multi-Strategy windows called “Missing Symbol Check”. This tool allows you to investigate - missing alerts.

Fixed exception when changing chart styles after using the Holly "send to chart"

Fixed Unable to reconnect TI Pro in the event it is disconnected because another user is logged in.

Fixed issue where loading a new chart did not use the user’s default Chart settings.

Remember Brokerage Plus filters by saving to user config.

  • Implements the restoration of the position filters in the position tab of the Brokerage Plus window, through the layout instead of the user settings.

Top List jumping to the last selected symbol instead of showing top results. Fixed to Avoid using autoscroll in TopList on updates.

Add send to --> symbol list functionality to Market Explorer

Float data or other data scrambled in Single Stock Window. Modified looping and exit logic to exit and not set variables if symbol changes during add or update loop.

Improve sorting of columns in the Market Explorer window.

  • Implements an initial version of sorting by a second field, when the data is updated.
  • Add validations for the execution of the ordering by the second field. Add settings to use monolithic data replacement instead of mixing existing data with data received from the server.
  • Add a new parameter for the type of secondary ordering, ascending or descending.
  • Add the saving and loading of the serverSortType attribute to the layout.

A new channel called AVWAP has been added to the Market Explorer window. The channel has several strategies using AVWAP. Sending a symbol to a Chart will display the AVWAP lines in the Chart.

Float data or other data scrambled in Single Stock Window. Modified looping and exit logic to exit and not set variables if symbol changes during add or update loop.

An Exception has occurred after each alert from an alert window

  • Isolate standard and alternate methods for sending commands
  • Bypass execution to the Standard Method in case that Alternate Method fails
  • Update Alternate Method default value for incompatible Rules

Add send to --> symbol list functionality to Market Explorer.  This issue caused additional Real Time Stock Race configurations to be saved in ME producing performance issues.

  • Restore previous code for launch stock race in market explorer
  • Set config string for Send To option in Market Explorer

Update Response Merge Logic to use Secondary Sort Column

  • Fixes ordering error for the "Moving Average/3 200 EMA Bounce" strategy, in ME windows

Reduce the likelihood of float data or other scrambled data in the Single Stock window.

Similar Tab Name for Price Action. Change text from Similar to --> Similar Pattern to. Modified "Similar to" to "Similar Pattern to" on Similar tab name when in Price Action mode.

Any Connection issue may cause Market Explorer windows not to update: fixed.

Fixed exception issue when using external linking rules.

Fixed Autocomplete in Chart Symbol Selection Not Accepting Non-Alphanumeric Characters.

Fixed periodic update for recent bars in the charts.

Market Explorer : Add Logic to Display URL When User Not Permissioned

  • Market Explorer window will display the following message when an unauthorized user loads an AVWAP strategy.

Bracket Order Defaults Do Not Update with Entry Price Changes

  • Fixed price not updated when leaving the price's text control
  • Update bracket order fields from the options menu
  • Avoid automatic changes on bracket values after user's manual changes
  • Unlock the bracket default values for calculations on buy/sell changes

Fixed checkmark size in the Symbol Linking menu item in the Windows menu of the main Brokerage Plus window.

Alpaca Broker Integration – Live and Paper Trading are available..

Add the ability to display and trade fractional shares for Brokers that support it.

  • Alpaca and TI Simulated Trading are currently supported.

Update search query used for Google news available in Single Stock Window to improve search results.

Corrected issues with ETrade for Error: Cannot connect to Etrade via B+ “Unable to start Market Data service: Object not created.”

HTML5 Charts in TI Pro

Implemented (optional) Browser based Charting with additional tools, Picture-in-picture charts. Users have the capability to disable this feature in Tools > Options menu.

Make Simulated Trading Default to Connected, with Buy/Sell Buttons Enabled

Created the "Why a symbol didn't match" Tool Available for Users.

Fixed - An exception has occurred when externally linked to Think or Swim

  • Implements an operation to convert a character to its equivalent in the Keys enumerative in the AlternateMethod functionality of the ExternalLinking class.
  • Implements the addition of the "Shift" key, when required.

Html Charts: Display Browser Dev Tools option (right-click menu) in public beta

Fix for setting the correct price fields on rejected orders

Fix History for Yesterday data. This should return yesterday's data or the previous trading day data.

Fix exception when resizing the Channel bar.

Add System to Customize Text-to-Speech Alerts

External linking not working with Trading view Dev version 5.6.57, 5.6.58

  • Roll back the branch to the previous version to test the functionality.
  • Modify the AlternateMethod functionality of the ExternalLinking class, to add SHIFT only to the codes that require it.

Temporarily Resize the Chart in the Client Prior To Screenshot

  • Improve the camera feature to capture the chart image size for Twitter.
  • When a user clicks on the camera, two images will be created and sent for sharing. The first image is a copy of the current chart. The second image captures an image suitable for Twitter. There may be a short flash during the resizing of the chart window.

Fixed Position tab in black after minimizing and restoring the Brokerage Plus window

  • Implements a test fix for the position tab issue when the Brokerage Plus window is minimized and restored
  • Implements the restoration of windows contained within other windows after the parent windows when using the "Show All" option from the main menu.
  • Implements recursive reordering of the list of forms to restore, so that the parent form of a node always comes first than the child form in the list

Fix ETrade Manager Cancel Order Exceptions

  • Add a check that the order is not null before attempting to add any group orders to the List.

An exception has occurred, message on TI start up.

  • Added logic to avoid the exception. Fix applies to Real Time Stock Race and Channel bar.

Fixed Non-US number format leads to auto AVWAP not showing on charts.

Fixed the location of AI annotations in browser charts when the Chart is resized or when shared to Twitter.

Download the newest public Trade Ideas Pro AI Beta, Version 5.6.68

The current release works with both 32-bit and 64-bit
This includes some new features which may need additional testing and some improvements to their appearance.

(Includes the new Real-Time Stock Racing)

*A machine reboot may be required following the installation of
this version prior to starting or restarting the software.

System Requirements


Windows 10
32 bit system bus
1.5 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
4 Gigs of RAM


Windows 10
64 bit system bus
2.0 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
8 Gigs of RAM


Windows 10
64 bit system bus
2.5 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
16 Gigs of RAM

Changes in Version 5.6.68 (09/22/2023) since the release 5.6.61 (06/30/2023):

New features:

  • Charts now have the option to select and define chart themes in the Chart Styles window.


  • Allow User to Customize Default Chart Share Hashtags

  • Modify the tabs in docked windows so the tabs are not hidden.

  • Added emoji Drawing Tools to the browser charts. Emojis are resized by dragging the emoji directly on the chart.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue where the Strategies filters in Brokerage Plus were not showing all strategies.
  • Fixed an exception when changing Symbol Linking Grouping in a dock window containing a
  • Real Time Stock Race window that is behind another tab.
  • Fixed an exception when opening the Social Networks tab in the Options window.
  • Fixed the Unknown Software exception.
  • Fixed the issue where the Flatten button reverses positions if double clicked in the Positions grid in Brokerage Plus.
  • Fixed Swing Picks trading room link from welcome page.
  • Improved the closing of dock windows during closing of TIPro or when using the Windows close menu items.
  • Fixed “IFrame instance is null” exceptions when closing TIPro.
  • Fixed menu item: Toolbar > Help Tab > Contact Support.
  • Fixed the issue with selected font size in the Chart Styles window in the Charts windows.
  • Fixed incorrect ETrade Connection Status when there is a LoadPortfolio error in Brokerage Plus.
  • Fixed the 1/2 button cannot be used in live IBKR trading with fractional number of shares in the Positions tab in Brokerage Plus.
  • Handle account number changes resulting from ETrade's migration to Morgan Stanley in Brokerage Plus.
  • Fixed Earnings issue and using RGB colors for all Chart Styles in the Charts Window.
  • Fixed issue where invalid Canadian Symbol would put the Chart in a stuck state.
  • Fixed issue where profit values displayed large values in Strategy Trades, Price Alert, and Positions grids in Brokerage Plus windows.
  • Fixed application exception caused by the Messages tab in Brokerage Plus.
  • Fixed issue causing Time Stop values not showing in the Positions grid in Brokerage Plus for Interactive Broker positions.
  • Fixed the exception reported when trying to configure the connection to Twitter in the Social Network tab of the Options window and when using the Send To - Twitter feature in the windows with grid data.
  • The Show Orders selection in the Charts are now saved to the layout correctly.
  • Remove the "Show as Column" context menu in the Config window for Multi-Strategy windows so as to avoid an exception.
  • Fixes the issue where docked chart windows display a no permission panel when the user has disabled the window snapping feature.
  • Make sure Chart Style persists in users settings during a TIPro version update.