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Artificial Intelligence

The A.I. powered robo-advisement consists of several dozen different investment algorithms subjected to over a million trading scenarios overnight to arrive at a subset with the highest probability for alpha in the next market session.The result is a curated, distilled stream of vigorously tested long and short opportunities. Stops and profit target parameters are automatically assigned for every new trade idea. This information advantage saves novices and veterans hours of research and testing.
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OddsMaker Windows

Come prepared to the ever changing market. Use our proprietary Event Based backtesting to score how well scans, entry signals, and trading plan perform over recent history. Allow Trade Ideas to optimize what parameters can change to further improve trading strategy results.
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Backtesting Software

Chart Windows

The Chart Windows allow you to visually confirm an alert instantly without leaving the Trade Ideas Pro platform.

Alert Windows

Stream and display events as they happen in real-time based on the alerts and filters selected. Add graphically rich columns to enhance the data and see multiple time frames at a glance.
Alert Windows
compare count

Compare Count Windows

Compare Count Windows enable the visual comparison of any two strategies. See real-time updates showing which of the competing strategy is occurring more frequently or less often.

Top List Windows

Rank market data other than chronologically with windows that utilize our Patent Pending Multi-Variant, Color-Assisted Sorting.  Top List windows update every 30 seconds
top list windows
full stock quote window

Full quote windows to set the stage

The Trade Ideas full stock quote windows let you see all of the fundamental data relevant to a stock’s price, including quick visual indicators to see where the stock is in its range for the last hour, trading week, and last 52 weeks.

What subscribers are saying…

Hi Trade Ideas. Been using your product for a couple years now approx. and can honestly say it’s the best tools for finding the hot stocks of the day. Hands down. I love it. Leon Streik

I must tell you of all the software that I have used over the last 20 years trading stocks yours is simply the best. I got tons of value for my money as a subscriber. And I thank you and your whole team for that. I wish your company continued success. Bryon Friesen

Join our weekly Demo and Q&A On Wednesdays we review the Trade Ideas Pro platform and technology and introduce new and upcoming features. Following the technology and features portion, we will open the floor for any questions regarding using Trade Ideas and our services.

See The Markets In a Whole New Way

Trade Ideas Pro brings you a whole new view of the market. Instead of asking what symbols you wish to see, our flagship platform shows you the situations you want to know about. It’s a whole new way to trade.

Active Trading

Active Trading

Traders and investors looking to see stocks that move quickly will find this channel very interesting. This channel is designed by our director of education, Jamie Hodge. Jamie spent more than 15 years professionally trading for a living before joining the Trade Ideas team. This channel is information rich and contains windows that update data very quickly.   Active Trading Layout

After Hours

After Hours

News and events frequently happen after the market close, and stocks react to the news in volatile after market trading. This channel helps you see what is taking place right after the market closes. A great thing about this channel is that it gives fantastic insights as to which stocks may be in play tomorrow.   After Hours Layout

Beat Up

Beaten Up

This channel shows which stocks are losing the most on various time frames, from the long term to today, and quickly navigate to find the weakest stocks. Investors can make money on the downside, and sometimes stocks that are the weakest can rebound very quickly.   Beat Up Layout



This channel focuses on biotech sector stocks with outstanding potential. Companies looking for new cancer cures or novel disease treatments can be volatile but also offer potential for very high returns. Using this channel will call your attention to the biotechnology stocks that are making moves.   Biotechs Layout



Get instant access to earnings-related events. Quickly see which stocks are reporting today and tomorrow. See how the leadup to earnings is affecting the price of different stocks. Earnings are often catalyst events after which a stock moves fast in one direction or another.   Earnings Layout



This channel allows you to quickly dive in and see the key stocks that are driving the energy sector. Whether you are interested in emerging green energy, nuclear, or fossil fuels this channel will give you the most important information to help make informed investment decisions.   Energy Layout


ETF Focused

This channel is focused on Exchange Traded Funds. ETFs allow investors to participate in broader market movements without selecting one stock over another. Traders appreciate that some ETFs focus on the downside allowing investors to play the downside without a detailed understanding of short selling.   ETF Focused Layout



This channel focuses on the internal workings of stocks. As the saying goes, technicals tell you about the stock and fundamentals tell you about the company. To succeed you really need to know both! We showcase stocks with the strongest fundamentals such as income, revenue, cash, and quarterly revenue growth.   Fundamentals Layout



This channel focuses on the metals like gold, silver, steel, and others. It highlights the companies that mine and sell precious metals. Metals are often used as hedges to portfolios and sometimes have some of the best returns in the market.   Metals Layout

My Cloud

My Cloud

You never have to worry about where you saved your custom windows or your own channels and layouts. Your My Cloud settings reside in the Trade Ideas datacenter and give you the ability to save, retrieve, and share any of your settings from any location.   My Cloud Window

Penny Movers

Penny Movers

This channel is designed to trade the very volatile small cap stocks. It is not uncommon for penny stocks to have moves of 300-500% in a day. Remember that these stocks are the most volatile, so use caution!   Penny Movers Layout



This showcases stocks that are active before the market opens. Typically premarket action is caused by news that is important enough to investors and traders to place trades in the volatile pre-market session came out since the previous close. Similar to the Postmarket channel, Premarket is a great place to focus on what to buy or sell when at the market open.   Premarket Layout



This channel makes it easy to see which market sectors are moving. Get an idea of what sectors in which to consider trading or investing for today’s session. Trade Ideas’ advantage is the ability to quickly navigate from one channel to the next and back again without losing any settings.   Sectors Layout



This channel uses Trade Ideas proprietary social media integrations. Trade Ideas not only looks at exchange data but also unstructured social data. We track which stocks are discussed the most on social media over different time frames. Nowadays, social media is increasingly where key news events break first.   Social Layout


Tech Titans

This channel showcases stocks that are technology and commerce leaders. This list is created and curated by Trade Ideas. Trade Ideas immediately indicates which big names are setting up to go higher or are showing weakness.   Tech Titans



With just a click, you will quickly see where the winners are for any time frame. Trade Ideas’ patent pending “multi variant sorting” uses special color coded columns to zero in on elements of strength that may be the key drivers of momentum. One of the more interesting ways to use this channel is on down days. Even when the markets are down, some stocks are ready to make a big run up.   Winners Layout

420 in Play

420 in Play

This channel focuses on stocks involved in the nascent medical and recreational Marijuana industry. These stocks are highly speculative. However, if you are able to handle those risks there are big potential rewards. Notice the special column colors as they help see different dimensions of the data layer over one another!   420 Layout

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Download TI Pro 4.0

Trade Ideas Pro stock scanner is a downloadable, MS Windows application version of our industry leading real-time stock scanner alerts software. It is specifically designed for the power user who demands more than the web based front end can offer. The Trade-Ideas Pro stock scanner offers faster access to the array of statistical analysis servers in the Trade-Ideas data center.

Download the latest production version of TI Pro, Version 4.2.5

Click on the link above to download the latest production version of Trade Ideas Pro stock scanner.  (Version 4.2.5) When your computer prompts you, select “Open” or “Run this program from its current location”. Follow the instructions on your screen to install Trade-Ideas Pro.

Changes in 4.2.5 since 4.0.146:

  • Renamed Surfing to “Idea Surfing™“.
  • Changed Idea Surfing™ interval delay to 9 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where Idea Surfing™ would change from paused to active when a user opened a new window.
  • Added way to disable Idea Surfing™ via the Options window and save the setting to user config.
  • Added a checkbox to disable Idea Surfing™ in the External Linking window.
  • Changed format of price alert lines on chart to have a pin icon next to the y-axis.
  • Created the List menu item which contains a drop down list of all TI Pro windows under the Windows menu.
  • Fixed several threading issues that caused the application to become unresponsive.
  • Fix an issue when using custom sounds with volume settings from different windows where the volume of one window changes to the volume of the other.
  • Added the ” from window name” to the title of the charts window when Idea Surfing.
  • An orange background is used to highlight the current symbol when Idea Surfing.
  • Ideas Surfing is temporarily paused now when you hover your mouse over a chart that has symbol linking enabled.
  • Trade backgrounds are now drawn on the chart for OddsMaker trades.
  • New splash image for version 4.2.
  • Made the following updates to the Trade Ideas Brokerage Plus:
    • Fixed regional settings issue with Trade-Ideas Brokerage Plus.
    • Fixed bug where we were adjusting the size of orders in the OCA group unnecessarily.
    • Fixed bug with size-reducing exit orders.
    • Custom filters can now be used with entry orders.
    • Offset numericUpDown controls are now disabled when Filter is selected for Stop and Target types in the Trading Strategy window.
    • Removed New Order context menu item in the Accounts grid.
    • Added Allocation Profile support to Trade-Ideas Brokerage Plus.  Select the allocation profile via the Accounts button in the Trading Strategy window.
    • Fixed bug in entry limit code when the row data object contained a decimal instead of a string value.
    • Found bug when requesting duplicate filters in a Top List request would fail.  Fix was to ensure that only unique filters are added to the extra columns parameter in request
    • Changed Rejected order color from white to purple in Orders Grid.
  • Fix a bug when the price values become too large the Y-axis annotation labels in the Charts are cut off.
  • Fixed a bug where if the width of the Chart window became zero during a resize of the window would cause the chart data to not display.
  • Fixed logic where valid clipboard links starting with “https:” were ignored.
  • Improved AI historical tool tip display when the user has cross-hairs enabled in the charts.
  • Added historical AI trades to charts.
  • Idea Surfing will surf Price Alerts windows.
  • Removed bar description from Charts along with right click menu option to show/hide it.  The description data can be retrieved by hover over any bar and appears as a tool-tip

Download newest public TI Pro Beta

Optional: Click here for the latest beta version. (Version 4.2.13) This includes some new features which may need additional testing and some improvements to their appearance.

Changes in 4.2.13 since 4.2.5:

  • Renamed application to Trade-Ideas Pro AI.
  • We are now creating only 64-bit builds.  The 32-bit version of 4.x will be automatically uninstalled during the installation.  You will need to re-enter your user settings.
  • Added a “Heart” feature in the Chart windows.  Click on the heart icon in the upper left-hand corner to add and remove symbol to/from the “my Liked” symbol list.
  • Added a filtered trade count to the title of the AI Strategies window.
  • Renamed columns “Profit Percent” to “Risk Off Profit Percent” and “Time Stop” to “Timed Exit” in the Strategy Trades window.
  • Fix “out of memory” exceptions associated with the WebLink and Options windows.
  • Added logic to catch and correct corrupt user settings file at startup.
  • Fixed _updateTimer in Charts to only reset when it receives an update.
  • Minor changes in the Alert and Multi-Strategy History context menu.  Now history menu items behave like radio buttons where only one menu item can be checked at a time. Now menu items are renamed differently during weekends and at the start of the trading week. Also added an “All” history item which perform a history request to get all history results.
  • Improved code in multiple windows to reduce exceptions due to “collection changed” and “index out of range”.
  • Made the following updates to the Trade Ideas Brokerage Plus:
    • Fixed bug in trading strategy where the time stop was one day off.
    • Fixed bug where a number less than the Time Stop Exit Days track bar could be used.
    • Enable the Trailing Stop orders.


You can try out Trade Ideas Pro for free on your own by downloading our Trade Ideas Pro application and using the DEMO mode login. This demo includes most of the powerful features from our full version with some exceptions. These limitations are:

  • 15 to 20 minute delayed alerts,
  • no custom symbol lists,
  • no custom formulas,
  • and no charting capabilities.

Request DEMO mode instructions

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